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The wwt zone
A magical world of baths, saunas, melodies, and perfumes for relaxing and recuperating.

The 50-60° Biosauna with 50% humidity is a pleasant regenerating sauna that helps eliminate toxins, with heart and muscular benefits.
The 45-48º Calidarium bath, with 98 % humidity, Turkish bath. The heated vapour favours pH adjustment, hydration, and cleansing of the skin.
Mediterranean bath or herbal bath -65° by inhaling the vapour with natural herbal essences, this bath has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, causing spontaneous and intense sweating, especially in the most required body parts, inducing a natural general detoxification.

Spa Suite
You can spend a pleasant time in the luxurious Spa Suite, either alone or with your partner or friends, and let yourself be spoiled from head to toe.

Soft Pack (floatation tank)
A marvellous warm water hug, with no-gravity sensation, relieves the whole body and mind of tension, for a regenerative relaxation.
Raxul Spa Cabin
A modern version of the ancient Roman thermal bath to achieve a general state of wellness and relaxation through the warm bath, vapour or Roman bath, and thus optimize the efficacy of the mud, essences and sea salt rituals.
Pancone Hammam
The treatment starts with the skin being prepared in the Calidarium, an aromatic vapour bath; and then a skin gommage -- a pleasant massage with soap foam spread all over your body, on a heated marble plank. The body is rinsed with abundant warm water and then covered with rich oils.
Armanda Hydromassage bathtub
a pleasant Balneo treatment created by a flux of very small drops, which are a genuine, authentic reproduction of a hand performed massage. It is very relaxing, as it stimulates lymphatic reactions, releasing stress.
Relaxation area
To come back slowly to the rhythms and sounds of the outside world, after having some tea and a lazy read.

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