Hotel San Marco - Fiuggi
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"from earth water is born, from water soul is born…" (Heraclitus)

Water is purity and spiritual rebirth because it frees the soul from harmful humours.

Water, the vital element wraps you in a marvellous world.
Indoors swimming pool with heated water at 32º, with soft water waves, comfortable armchairs with hydromassage and sun loungers, music, perfume and colours…

Cave with musical therapy and chromotherapy.

A peaceful relaxing sensation. Very effective against aging skin and nervous tension.

Ample relaxing zone
The comfortable lounge chair, the warm glow of the fireplace and relaxing melodies are always with you while you sip your tea.

The outdoor swimming pool with heated water
is always available in our enchanting park, where you can dive into the water and wrap yourself in the sun’s warmth while relaxing on the Solarium beds, even in winter.

The Finish sauna
a dry heat bath between 80-90º, immersed in the park’s greenery, usually alternated with cold showers. This sauna strengthens immune defences, favouring the recovery from stress and tension.

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