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We can provide anything you could not find elsewhere: the scent of our chestnut tree park, the rustle of the wind, and the harmonious silence of a town on a human scale. There is nothing better to achieve maximum concentration and ensure the best performance from your collaborators.

With so many years of experience, we can provide you with the best consultation, for the most specialised training activities. Using strong emotions to reinforce team camaraderie, raise motivation, or any other activity that Team Building could offer.

We do not offer you an estate or a park; we put a city in motion.
Absolutely, since Fiuggi is always available as a Convention city, due to the short distances to reach it, even on foot. Imagine personalising not only the hotel, but the streets and corners with your trademark as well...
and then the thrill of rafting in the natural waterfalls, orienteering in the woods or the medieval villages, the Safe Driving Courses, rock climbing on natural or artificial cliffs, 4x4 Trekking in royal places, all within 15 minutes of our hotel, entirely at your disposal, to make your meeting unforgettable.

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