Hotel San Marco - Fiuggi
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• Shopping in Valmontone and Castel Romano
• Garden tour of the botanical gardens in Collepardo, in Ninfa, in Tivoli Villa D'Este, etc...
• Following the traces of the Knight Templar: Discovering the Templar presence in Ciociaria
• A day in the convent: how do monks live? What do they do during the day?
• When we were shepherds: We will re-enact ancient jobs, living a day of rural tourism where we will walk with the flock, milk the sheep, and then prepare ricotta and cheese
• The hard-working bee: we will discover how bees produce honey, that tasty and ancient nourishment, and how it gets to us
• The ancient Herbalist shop, a visit to the Vegetable Garden in Collepardo and then, with the monks of the Certosa di Trisulti, we will discover ancient natural medicinal remedies.

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