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The Volsci civilization and the confederation of the Hernici, the long period of the Roman empire, the barbarian invasions, the medieval splendour of the Papal State: more than 3000 years of history can be experienced in the small towns around Fiuggi. The remains of ancient megalithic walls rise close to splendid Romanesque cathedrals built on pagan temples and acropolis.

It was in Arpino, in the village of Amaltea, that Cicero was born.
It was in Anagni, the city of Popes, where the Palazzo Boniface VIII was the scene of the famous schiaffo (slap of Anagni).
It was the Fumone Castle that hosted antipopes Gregorio VIII and Celestino V, of the gran rifiuto (grand refusal).
Next, ancient Alatri and Ferentino, Roman Veroli, which still preserves the fasti verulani, and Aquino, which was destroyed by the Lombards.
Every city is an open-air museum, a journey into the history and the deepest roots of our society.
Cassino, known for its Abbey in Montecassino: the Abbey of Calamari and the Certosa di Trisulti complete this journey into history.

They remind us that the great religious centres of the past were, above all, immense cultural fortresses, the source from which, together with Catholicism, the art, literature, and values of a new civilization were spread.

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