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Fiuggi rises between two of the most important cities in Italy, Rome and Naples.
A small rural medieval village that became known for its prodigious waters around the XII/XIII century, when its healing properties were investigated by Pope Boniface VIII himself, who, suffering from kidney stones and uremic poisoning, sent 51 convoys from Rome to bring him the prodigious liquid and recover from his illness.

The testimony of the great Michelangelo Buonarroti is equally important, since he made a wide use of it for his "kidney stone pain." From then on, many people exalted the extraordinary characteristics of the Aqua Domini, including documents from 1600, kept nowadays in the files of the Holly See, with the inscription "Articoli hic aqua ad solvendum calculos" (this water of Articoli is able to dissolve stones).

At the beginning of the tenth century, and during the presence of the Council Minister Giovanni Giolitti, the town of Anticoli di Campagna became Fiuggi, from the name "Fiugy", from ferns, plants that were present in the downstream part of the town. Since then there has been a succession of important events for Fiuggi, becoming ever more famous for the healing power of its water and its charming, pristine natural landscapes of remarkable beauty.

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